Choosing the Career - Especially For You!!

Step 1: Career Options

Choosing a Career can be a challenging task. Money tends to be the first consideration. I wanna be rich! This question naturally leads you to careers such as being a doctor, lawyer, stock broker, CEO, etc. These are high-paying careers. But, if you are going to commit over 33% of your life to a career - it should be one that you will enjoy. A better consideration is to start by thinking about what you enjoy doing. This could be a hobby that you have, television shows that you like to watch, a person that you admire, favorite subjects in school, etc.

Once you have identified potential areas of interests, identify careers that exist within those areas. Another option would be to use a career selection tool that provides career options based on your personality and interest. is a tool that provides a free assessment. The paid option provides very detailed information with access to supporting resources. You should identify 5 to 10 potential careers

How Much Money Do You Want to Make?
Which Careers provide this Income AND are Suited to Your Personality?

Step 2: Researching

Once you have identified 5 to 10 potential careers, you should use various resources to learn more about each career option. You should answer the following questions about each career option. 1) What does a person in this career area do? 2) What background (e.g. education) is necessary? 3) What is the entry salary and long-term earning potential? 4) What is the outlook (future need) for this career? Here is a resource Career List

Once you have answered these questions for each career, you should be able to narrow your selection down to 2 to 4 potential careers. Once you have your top 2 to 4 options, you should learn more about the careers. You should consider talking to individuals working in the area. You should consider volunteering at companies where you can learn more about the career. You should also, identify college majors and/or the educational requirements necessary to begin working in the career. By now, you should be able to narrow your selection down to 1 or 2 options.

Step 3: Formulate a Plan

Once you have identified your top two options, you should develop a plan to meet the requirements for entry. Career requirements will vary. So, your plan of action will vary. Be sure to "Ask for Help." Make use of the people around you to help you reach your dream career. Remember tools such as can give you a head start by helping you identify careers that match your personality. Another idea is to watch YouTube videos or take a Video Course on areas within your potential career. This option lets you see the tools and techniques used and starts building your foundation.