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I liked it. It was not too long and not too short. Had good feedback.
I feel no changes need to be made this is exceptionally well put together... Thank you!
I am a school counselor and this is a great way for my student to get a feel for what careers they could pursue, because most of them are unsure.
It is good & happy to see the results.
Will use it with my students! Thanks for the opportunity for an online survey!
Email survey results to email inbox
Leave it as is - that was ON THE MONEY by giving a short explanation of what each job entails and the annual salary of each carreer.
If it were printable and you could do in large groups w/o a computer
This survey is very accurate in describing me and how I look at the world. I am very impressed and will recommend it to my friends. Thanks!
I think its perfect!:)
Can have only 1 good job.
Can have only 1 good job The survey could include more specific questions about activities, hobbies, or interests.
Do not give as many career choices.
add a print results page
This exercise is EXACTLY what I was looking for. I mentor a high school junior and am looking for something for him to do some career planning. Great Site!
Narrow the career choices.
I am a first year college student who bounces between majors and I did not have any idea what I want to do. I took this survey and it helped me immensely and gave me a path for what I want to do. So I would not change anything.
I had someone take this survery and the result were spot on. So if you could compare abilities with the answers and come up with a list based on both it would be better.
You correctly predicted my current job! I was looking for ideas for alternative jobs :-)
Indicating which professions are most comparable to the individual in order from most to least based on responses
The results were super accurate, by the way! It would be cool if you would hyperlink each potential career to a page that gives helpful information about the career, like what the educational requirements are, median salary, how to get started, etc.
Very simple and quick to take. I am most interested in the potential careers. This could be a very useful tool for someone trying to figure out which way to go.
Thank you, it motivates me to understand myself, and focusing on my career
the overall appearance of the website could be more professional. but the survey was well written and results were accurate.
great job providing this service!:)
this survey shockingly acurate. it describes my personality perfectly.i would recomend this to anyone who wants to get an understanding example of what kind of jb you want and or are thinking about your future.
It is really accurate!
less questions
Nothing can be Improved this is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nothing comes to mind. I think the "Famous People Like You" feature is a nice touch.
More categories on the Scoring Explanation
I Think That There Is Nothing That Can Make This Quiz Any Better Than It Already Is!!!!!!
Survey did an excellent job, came up with very interesting results.
Giving a description of scoring explanation traits.
Can you include successful people in various industries with the same personality type?
I thought It was PERFECT! The only bad thing was that there were to many jobs and if you narrowed it down it would be better!
I really liked the summary; it was spot-on and helped me to understand myself better. Fix print view so that you can print the summary.
I think it does what it is designed to do. It describes me perfectly.
I dont feel that it needs improving. I feel like i like my resluts and they all seem very interesting to me.
Try to ask them what they like and what type of books they like.
easier to understand questions
More specific careers
Make the choices a little more narrow.
I thought the questions were clear and easy to answer.
be more specific about your questions
I took the test and it pulked up very many careers that be in. I think you could narrow itr down just a little bit. But thankyou. It did help alote :)
more careers and rate each career for what fits best according to the results
It was easy to complete and the response was quick and easy to interpret. Potential careers were easy to comprehend too.
Adding more questions about what i like to do like draw, play music, cook etc.
provide links for potential career choices
Perhaps more questions to further narrow the possible careers list
Impressively accurate
Add more non professional potential career choices.
very good information, thank you
I am satisfied with my results
More visually stimulating(effective for wider range of people)
It might be a good idea to state if the person answering the questions should compare themselves to people of their age or overall comparisons.
A likert (1 - 10) scale might be better - for some of the questions always, sometimes and never were not very exact
More questions....rank potential careers
More questions about past experiences.
fun! thank you!
Great test/evaluation, but it would be helpful to see the entire evaluation at the conclusion, or at least see instructions of how to get the complete evaluation. Loved it!!
It could have had a more variety of questiona about stress and anxiety!
Make it more interesting. Add more colors and use bubbles for the answers.
This is great - I am looking for a tool to help my nephew consolidate some of his plans.
Pretty easy to do
Provide links from career Paths to degrees to fit
Pinpoint the best potential careers.
By asking hobbies.
pretty user friendly
I think this website is awesome!!!
Ask more questions about personal preferences, such as sports over science or vice versa.
Easier language for younger students - Junior High level
More explanation of their personality
Narrowing down the jobs list.
redesign your site
More questions
List more specific jobs
by explaining what the percentages are and what they mean
Maybe a shorter list of potential jobs. And a little more explanation.
very very happy!
Very true . well kinda
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